Terms & Conditions

Course Confirmation

An application DOES NOT constitute a place in our training program without a written confirmation letter either via mail or email from Lentor Training Centre to the participant.

Lentor Training Centre reserves the right to postpone or change the course date in an event where there are insufficient applicants to form a class. If the class is cancelled by Lentor Training Centre, all course fees received will be refunded.

Cancellation and Deferments by individual participants 

Deferment/Cancellation with notice

Participants who wish to cancel or defer their course must inform Lentor Training Centre in writing or via email at least 5 working days before class commences. 

Deferment/Cancellation without notice

Participants will be charged full course fees for absence, postponements and cancellations with less than 5 working days’ notice. Replacement of eligible participants is allowed. Deferments due to illness supported by a medical certificate are allowed on a case by case basis.


Participants must be seated 15 minutes before class commences. They will be deemed as absent and would not be allowed to join the class if they are late for more than one hour.

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required from the participants for all classes.

Participants who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirement will not be allowed to sit for the required assessments. Course fees will not be refunded if the participants fail to achieve the minimum attendance required for the course. 

Collection of certificate 

Participants who wish to collect their certificates upon successful completion of their course on the final day must inform Lentor Training Centre in writing or via email 5 working days before class commences and the course fees must be fully paid before the request can be processed.

Barring any other instructions and upon successful completion of the course, we will mail the certificate to the Mailing Address given in the sign up form. It takes between 5 to 8 working days for the certificate to be delivered to you.

Lentor Training Centre will take all reasonable steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable course. 

Lentor Training Centre will not be liable for any injury, loss of any damages to you or your property during course of training.