Occupational First Aid Refresher Certification

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Please note that our training centre issues Electronic Soft Copy Certificates only with effect from 1st Mar 2020. The validity of our e-certificates can be verified via this website on our ‘E-Cert Verification’ page.


The Occupational First Aid Refresher Course is a 17.5-hour (2 days) mandatory certification programme for first aiders operating in a workplace environment. Designed to refresh existing certified occupational first-aiders in the skills and knowledge of providing first-aid treatment to casualties during an emergency or accident at the workplace.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be awarded a course certificate which fulfils the first aid certification requirements under the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Course Objective

a) Provide learners with safety information and standards of first aid according to Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health Act.
b) Prepare learners with the necessary skills in identifying and managing an emergency at the workplace.
c) Equip learners with the skills to render first aid for workplace-related injuries and medical emergencies.
d) Equip learners with the skills in providing effective resuscitation (CPR) and the application of AED machine during emergencies.

  • Safety and supervisory personnel in workplaces
  • Individuals assigned a WSH-related role in their organisation

Our Occupational First Aid Refresher Course utilises a mix of presentations, discussions, practical skills drills and scenario-based role-plays.
Our trainer to trainee ratio is highly favourable for effective learning to take place, ensuring maximum hands-on practice time for every participant.

  • Practical skills drills and role-plays – 1 facilitator : 4 learners
  • All other activities – 1 facilitator : 18 learners
  • Practical skills assessment
  • MCQ written assessment

ES WPLN Level 5 and above

Important: Participants of this course are strongly advised to have at least ES WPLN Level 5 and above or its equivalent. Otherwise, participants may find the course contents challenging to understand, resulting in difficulty to pass the required assessments.

    • Participants with underlying medical conditions or any medical problems associated with knee, spine, wrists or joint injuries or any physical / mental disabilities are strongly advised to obtain written clearance from a doctor to attend and participate in the course and assessments. Pregnant women are highly discouraged from participating in some activities such as, but not limited to, CPR due to safety reasons.
    • Should you have any other special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

17.5 hours including 2.67 hours of assessment
Classes start at 9am. Please refer to our online calendar for available dates.

Participants must meet minimum of 75% attendance for entire course and 100% attendance for the CPR+AED modules, in order to qualify for the assessments.

  • Principles and practice of first aid
  • First aid requirements in factories and other workplaces
  • Wounds, bleeding and shock
  • Fractures and soft tissue injuries
  • Handling and transportation of the injured
  • CPR and use of AED
  • Breathing difficulties
  • The unconscious patient
  • Occupational eye injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Industrial toxicology
  • Safety and accident prevention
  • Management of medical emergencies

Upon successful completion of the course and its assessments, participants will be issued with a certificate endorsed by Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd.

  • Certificate validity – 2 years.
  • Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd is ISO 29990:2010 certified, as required by the Ministry of Manpower for all its Learning Service Providers (LSP).

This course will be conducted at Lentor Training Centre, the training arm of Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd. 
33, Ubi Avenue 3 Vertex Tower B, #03-11 Singapore 408868 
Directions to our training centre will be emailed to you after registration.

Learners can expect to be practicing their skills on the following training equipment:


  • Ambu QCPR Recording Mannequins
  • Prestan CPR Mannequins
  • XFT-120C+ AED Trainer Sets

First Aid

Each learner will be issued 1 set of bandages for use during the course.

1 set: 1 x Triangular Bandage, 1 x Crepe Bandage, 1 pack of gauze pads



Private (Corporate) classes are available at dates of your convenience.

  • Minimum class size – 10 pax.
  • Subject to availability of trainers and resources.
  • Training venues other than Lentor Training Centre are subject to inspection and approval from course Certifying Body, before a class can be conducted.

Please contact us for further details.

Funding available

Skillsfuture Credit

Use of Skillsfuture Credit is available for this course. For individuals who wish to use Skillsfuture Credit to fund the course, please follow the instructions here to make booking online. Please note that GST cannot be paid using Skillsfuture Credit.

Training grant and absentee payroll

Training grant and absentee payroll are also available. To utilise training grant and absentee payroll, please contact us.