Standard First Aid

Post CB Update

In accordance with the directions from the Ministry for Trade and Industry (MTI) and Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) to ensure safe distancing measures are in place during training activities and to minimise prolonged contact time between individuals, Lentor Training Centre has made significant adjustments to our training arrangements to ensure our learners and staff remain safe while in our premises.

The information below has been amended to include the recommended precautions by MTI and SRFAC

$192.60 (incl GST) 

Please note that Lentor Ambulance will only be issuing Electronic Soft Copy Certificates from 1st Mar 2020. If you require a hardcopy certificate, an additional administrative fee of $15 (inclusive of GST) will apply.


The Standard First Aid Course is a 16-hour programme designed to equip individuals in various professions with the first aid skills and knowledge to manage an injured or ill adult, according to Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) guidelines.

Learners will also be taught the leadership behaviour necessary when managing a casualty in common emergency scenarios.

Course Objectives

a) Provide trainees with safety information and standards of first aid in Singapore. 
b) Prepare trainees with the necessary skills in identifying, planning and managing an emergency at home, in school, at a sports venue and in other community settings.
c) Equip trainees with the skills to render first aid for common accidents, sports related injuries and medical emergencies. 
d) Equip trainees with the skills in providing effective resuscitation (CPR) and the application of AED machine during emergencies. 

Individuals and groups involved in the following activities, either for leisure or work, will benefit greatly from this course.

  • Sports 
  • Outdoor activities and education
  • Eldercare activities
  • Medical transport services / Non-Emergency ambulance services
  • Transportation
  • Customer service
  • Frontline services

Due to the current pandemic and post-CB precautionary measures, learners are required to read the course manuals and additional notes prior to attending their classes. Classroom sessions will be devoted to mainly practical skills training and assessments. This arrangement will help reduce the contact time between learners and staff in the classroom.

Quizzes and short discussions will be utilised to assist learners in understanding the key points of each topic. These learning activities will also provide learners an opportunity to clarify any doubt they may have arising from their pre-course reading.

  • All activities – 1 facilitator : 4 learners
  • Practical skills assessment
    • Scenario- based
    • Emphasis on application
    • 3 attempts allowed
  • Theory assessment
    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • 80% score requirement
    • 3 attempts allowed
  • Able to speak, write and understand English effectively.
  • Applicants should not be suffering from medical conditions, physical disabilities or injuries that can be worsened by physical exertion.

Should you have any special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

For prerequisites related to the post-CB and Covid-19 precautionary measures, please click on the indicated link on our website’s top banner.


Up to 16 hours including 2 hours of assessment

Classes start at 9am. Please refer to our online schedule for available dates.

Participants must meet minimum of 75% attendance for the first aid modules and 100% attendance for the CPR+AED modules, to qualify for the assessments.

  • First Aid Essentials
  • Unconscious Adult (Non-Cardiac Arrest)
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Shock, Bleeding and Wounds
  • Burn Injuries
  • Eye Injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Transportation of Casualties
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Hands-Only (HO) CPR and AED

Upon successful completion of the course and its assessments, participants will be issued with an electronic certificate endorsed by Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd.

We have stopped issuing physical certificates effective from 1st March 2020. This is to reduce waste in the long term, reduces need for replacement certificates and allows for more effective tracking of certificate validity.

  • Certificate validity – 2 years.
  • Certificate accreditation – Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC).
  • Certificates can be easily verified via our website.

$180 (before GST)

$192.60 (after GST)

Training subsidies and absentee payroll are available for this course. Please contact us for assistance.

This course will be conducted at Lentor Training Centre, the training arm of Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd. 

33, Ubi Avenue 3 Vertex Tower B, #03-11 Singapore 408868 

Directions to our training centre will be emailed to you after registration.

Other Information

We are able to conduct training at your organisation’s premises, subject to fulfilment of SRFAC’s pandemic precautionary measures

Please call 6250 2300 or email us at for further details.

Funding available

SkillsFuture Credit

Use of SkillsFuture credits is available for this course. For individuals who wish to use SkillsFuture Credits to fund the course, please follow the instructions here to make booking online. You can use SkillsFuture credits to pay for up to 100% of the course fees.

SkillsFuture training grant and absentee payroll

Use of SkillsFuture training grant and absentee payroll is also available. Information can be found below. To utilise training grant and absentee payroll, please contact us

View full information about training grants and absentee payroll on our course page on the skills connect website and search for this course via course reference number: CRS-N-0025602

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