Using SkillsFuture Credits

Please note this guide only applies for the use of SkillsFuture credits. For use of SkillsFuture training grant and absentee payroll, email us at to make the booking.

Step 1:

Ensure that the course you intend on applying for is elligible for the use of SkillsFuture Credits. Eligible courses are shown below.

  • Basic Cardiac Life Support and AED
  • Standard First Aid (for coaches in NROC)
  • Standard First Aid (for coaches in NROC) Refresher
  • Occupational First Aid Course
  • Occupational First Aid Course (Refresher)

On the respective course page, select “Find available dates” and proceed to book the course by providing your details.
For payment method, please select SkillsFuture Credits instead of Paypal. You will receive an email confirmation for the course booking.
After receiving the email, please provide to next step to submit a claim on the SkillsFuture website.

Step 2:

 You may click on the courses below to be directed to the SkillsFuture page to proceed with the claims.

Login to your Skillsfuture account using your Singpass. Click on claim SkillsFuture Credits as shown in image below.


In the claim form, you will be required to provide supporting documents to prove that you have booked the course. Please upload a screenshot of the email confirmation we sent you.

Step 3:

After submitting the claim form, you will see an acknowledgement page of successful claim submission. Please screen capture this page and email it to us at

When your claim is successful, it will be reflected in your personal Skillsfuture page. You are required to screen capture this notification and email it to us at

We may reject your payment should you not complete these steps before attending the course. Thank you.

Should you have any queries regarding the use of SkillFuture Credits, do contact us at

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